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September 11, 2013

Eve of Independence - Album Tracks Download - BOUQUI

 Artiste: BOUQUI
Album: Eve of Independence
Release: 26 July, 2013
Label: Bouquis Place Entertainment


1. Sori Bai (feat. Mmj)
2. Miracle Song (feat. Codyblayzz)
3. Igbeyin L'oju
4. Ijo Ti Mojo (feat. Henrisoul & Gaise)
5. Sokutuyo (feat. Henrisoul)
6. Jehovah Remix (feat. Jahaziel & Threadstones)
7. Revival (feat. Cjay)
8. Heartbeat (feat. Panam Percy Paul)
9. So Thankful (feat. Kome)
10. Loke Loke (feat. Mmj)
11. Love Like This (feat. Dflow)
12. Church Boi Swag Allstars
13. Are You the One (feat. Segun Obe)

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mail me lyrics Send Lyrics Updates into my email! (feedburner)